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Based on the 1908 classic The Wind In The Willows by Kenneth Grahame, Red Willow follows a group of young animals coming of age in the luxury vacation town of The Willows, and facing that town’s history of crime and corruption. The Willows is divided between the wealthy and elite North Enders and the working class animals of the South End, animals like our story’s hero, the quiet and unbecoming Mole. After Mole begins an unlikely romance with a North Ender named Rat and, through her, befriends the notorious Toad, scion to the family that built The Willows, he finds himself swept up in a plot to seek revenge on that family and dismantle the structures that enabled its rise to power. Caught in the middle, Mole must weigh his allegiance to the South End against his feelings for Rat and his fears that more turmoil will only doom The Willows for good. 

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