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Production and Developmental Dramaturgy

 Night Cities, by Roger Q. Mason, NAMBAM Festival - CTG, 2024*

 Mira and The Whale, by Jacob Surovsky, Ensemble Studio Theater LA, 2023*

 The Merchant of Venice (Annotated)..., by Aaron Henne, Theatre Dybbuk, 2023*

 Lavender Men, by Roger Q. Mason, Skylight Theater, 2022*

 Buffalo Meets The Thunder, by Pauletta James, The Paul Robeson Theatre Festival, 2022*

● Man's Favor Devil's Plan, by Kwik Jones, The Paul Robeson Theatre Festival, 2022*

 Vaccination Elevation, by Lorinda Hawkins, The Paul Robeson Theatre Festival, 2022*

●  Breathe, by Philicia Saunders, Outpost 13, 2020*

●  Measure Still For Measure, by Jessica Kubzansky, Cygnet Theatre, 2020*

●  Hell Prepared, by Aaron Henne, Theatre Dybbuk, 2019*

Safe Harbor, by Tira Palmquist, Lower Depth Theatre Ensemble, 2019*

● Two Lakes, Two Rivers, by Laura Jacqmin, Boston Court Pasadena, 2019

Native Son, by Nambi E. Kelley, Antaeus Theatre, 2018

   winner: Best Adaptation, 2018 Stage Raw Awards

Her Portmanteau, by Mfoniso Udofia, The Theatre @ Boston Court, 2018

Pairi Daiza, by Nahal Navidar, Boston Court Pasadena, 2018

Lost Tribes, by Aaron Henne, Theatre Dybbuk, 2018*

Pure Confidence, by Carlyle Brown, Lower Depth Theatre Ensemble, 2017

Sideways Fences, by Oscar Arguello, Casa 0101, 2017 *

The Kaidan Project, by Chelsea Sutton & Lisa Dring, Rogue Artists Ensemble, 2017 *

   nominated: Best Production of the Year (Intimate), 2018 Ovation Awards

White Nights Black Paradise, by Sikivu Hutchinson, Zephyr Theater, 2017*

Cowboy Elektra, by Meghan Brown, Rogue Artists Ensemble, 2017*

Exagoge, by Aaron Henne, Theatre Dybbuk, 2016*

Empress Lily, by Velina Hasu Houston, Lower Depth Theatre Ensemble, 2016*

Dontrelle, Who Kissed The Sea, by Nathan Alan Davis, Lower Depth Theatre Ensemble, 2015*

Wood Boy Dog Fish, by Chelsea Sutton, Rogue Artists Ensemble, 2015 *   

   nominated: Best Adaptation, 2016 Stage Raw Awards

Assemble, by Aaron Henne, Theatre Dybbuk, 2015* 

Bulrusher, by Eisa Davis, Lower Depth Theatre Ensemble, 2014

Fatboy, 2008
Woo Boy Dog Fish, 2015

Teffilah, by Aaron Henne, Theatre Dybbuk, 2014*

Modern Minstrelsy, by Kermit Frazier, Lower Depth Theatre Ensemble, 2014*

S'lichot, by Aaron Henne, Theatre Dybbuk, 2013*

Stand-Off At Highway 37, by Vickie Ramirez, Native Voices at the Autry, 2013*

Only Just A Minute, by Aaron Henne, 2013*

Closely Related Keys, by Wendy Graf, Lower Depth Theatre Ensemble, 2013*

Vessels, by Aaron Henne, Theatre Dybbuk, 2013*

A Man's A Man, by Bertolt Brecht, Uranium Madhouse, 2012

Elmina's Kitchen, by Kwame Kwei-Armah, Lower Depth Theatre Ensemble, 2012    

Six Letters In Harlem, by Crescent McGlone, Stage 52, 2012*

The Feeling Part, by Romy Nordlinger, LoNyLa, 2012*

Pity The Proud Ones, by Kurt Maxey, Robey Theatre Company, 2011*

Lazy Eye, by Nicholas McInerny, LoNyLa, 2011*

The Reckoning, by Kimba Henderson, Robey Theatre Company, 2010*

The Emperor's Last Performance, by Melvin Johnson, Robey Theatre Company, 2010*

Transitions, by Kellie Roberts, Robey Theatre Company, 2010*

tempOdyssey, by Dan Dietz, Needtheater, 2010

The Web, by Michael John Garces, Needtheater, 2010 *

Mercury Fur, by Philip Ridley, Needtheater, 2009   

   nominated: Best Ensemble, 2009 Ovation Awards
Scarcity, by Lucy Thurber, Needtheater, 2009

Fatboy, by Tom Clancy, Needtheater, 2008   

   winner: Best Director-Comedy, 2008 LA Weekly Theater Awards

The Perfect Sister, by Carrie Gibson, 2007*
Family Dinner, by Michele Willens, 2007*

Permanent Collection, by Tom Gibbons, Centerstage, 2005

Arms and The Man, by George Bernard Shaw, Bay Theatre Company, 2005
Speed-The-Plow, by David Mamet, Centerstage, 2004
The Sneeze, by Anton Chekhov, Bay Theatre Company, 2004   

* = World premiere


Gone, by Ian Forester, adapted from the short story by David Foster Wallace, Needtheater, 2012 * 

Tape, by Stephen Belber, Needtheater, 2012  


Shells, by Amy Judd Lieberman, Rogue Artists Ensemble, 2020 *

H.U.A.C., by Alicia Tycer, Paul Robeson Theatre Festival, 2014 *
The Agreement, by Kurt Maxey, Paul Robeson Theatre Festival, 2014 *

Carpe Diesal, by David Simpatico, Timewave International Festival, 2013 *

The Lover, by Harold Pinter, Hollywood Fringe Festival, 2013

Guided Consideration of a Lamentable Deed, by Frank Basloe, Needtheater, 2011 *

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