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Creative Writing
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In this adaptation of the classic story The Wind In The Willows, Mole sets out to investigate the circumstances behind Toad’s arrest for smuggling, revealing a history of corruption in the resort town of The Willows and powerful forces battling for the area’s most valuable natural resource, the intoxicating Red Willow Juice.


play - 3w, 3m

Sean and Julia, college sweethearts now in their 20s and at the cusp of starting their lives together, are throwing a dinner party. Two more couples - old friends - will join them. But there are killers in this group, actual killers with plans on turning tonight's festivities into a grand culmination of their psychopathic tendencies. The innocent will be picked off, one by one, unless they figure out a way to turn the tables.

play - 3w, 3m

On the day of the president's birthday, in a skewed version of our near future where the political problems that plague us remain, a popular collective of hackers announce their most destructive act yet. That night, just as a birthday celebration kicks off at the Capitol, they make good on their threat. The first seeds of a second civil war have been planted. Clashing forces descend on the building and John and Jessica, two 20-somethings attending the party and on opposite sides of the political divide, find themselves caught in the bizarre frenzy that follows, in desperate need of escape.


play - 2w, 1m

In the year 2154, there members of the United States Space Force find themselves marooned on an alien planet, trapped inside their small ship and in possession of a dangerous secret.

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