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What I'm Working On - Jan 2018

Hello! You've found my website! Congratulations to you!

If you're looking for my writing on theater and virtual reality, best to check out my stuff here and here and here and here

On this particular blog, I'm just going to keep anyone who cares up to speed on the projects I'm currently working on. So, here we go...


Theatre Dybbuk's Lost Tribes opens in February at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions and plays all over town through April. This marks my sixth collaboration with Theatre Dybbuk, which focuses on theatre that examines Jewish folklore, rituals and history. Lost Tribes uses the Assyrian Empire's 9th c. conquest of the Northern Kingdom of Israel as a starting point. Framed in the context of a gallery exhibition, the play weaves together stories and traces a world history of assimilation and dominance; of cultural conquest, annihilation, and survival.

I'm also working as a dramaturg on Nambi Kelly's stage adaptation of Richard Wright's iconic novel Native Son, which will open at the Antaeus Theatre Company in April.

Finally, I'll be back to lead the Advanced Playwright's Lab at the Robey Theatre Company for my 12th year (!). The lab, which meets once a week for ten weeks at the Los Angeles Theatre Center, is designed to provide editorial support and tools for emerging playwrights through group meetings and individual consultations. We start back up on January 27.

Thanks for stopping by!

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