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"Her Portmanteau" at Boston Court + a reading!

I've got one more play-opening to alert everyone to (at least for now!): Her Portmanteau at Boston Court Pasadena, written by Mfoniso Udofia, directed by Gregg Daniel. I am the dramaturg for this production and worked closely with Mfoniso and Gregg, providing research and editorial support. This is the play's second production and West Coast premiere so the play is still taking shape and I'm honored to have played my small part.

Her Portmanteau is one part of a nine-play cycle written by Mfoniso about several generations of a Nigerian-American family. It's a deeply moving play about family and what we owe one another and I highly recommend it.

Opens Saturday! Come on Sunday afternoon and you can catch me moderating a talkback with the playwright!

Her Portmanteau at Boston Court Pasadena

And just one more announcement: As part of the cultural series, L.A. Made, a new play I worked on a few years back - Exagoge, produced by Theatre Dybbuk and written and directed by Aaron Henne - is having a staged reading. The reading takes place on June 24 at 2pm at the Los Angeles Central Library. Here's more on the play and my work on it

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