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I wrote a book! + updates

Hello and welcome back to what has become an annual update. And I've got a couple of exciting projects to tell you about.

The first is that I wrote a novel! It’s an adaptation of the British children’s classic The Wind In The Willows, a book I’ve long been fascinated by. This might be because the book is also the inspiration for the Disney theme park attraction,

“Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride,” which is a ride that ends with you the rider dying and going to Hell. To this day, I’m astounded that the ride is allowed to continue to exist. Apart from deeply scarring me as a child, the ride also points to a dark edge in the book, one that I wanted to explore with my own adaptation. So you can check it out here.

Also, if you’re in L.A. in July, come check out the Paul Robeson Festival at the Los Angeles Theatre Center, produced by The Robey Theatre. The festival takes places July 15-17. I will be directing a reading of a great new play titled by Buffalo Meets The Thunder, by Pauletta James. That reading happens July 17 at 7pm. Go here for more info.

I’ll also quickly shout out the production of Lavender Men going up in August at Skylight Theater. I had the pleasure of working a bit on the script with its incredibly talented writer, Roger Q. Mason, and I greatly look forward to seeing it fully realized. And also check out the recently completed second season of The Dybbukast podcast, produced by Theatre Dybbuk, which I also did some work on. These are fascinating stories examining creative work through the course of Jewish history.

Stay tuned for more. I love you all!

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