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New dramaturgy + productions to see

Hello, everyone!

I have some fun updates and announcements for those interested. The first is that, for the month of February, I'll be posting about interactive and immersive dramaturgy on the Facebook page for the Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of America (LMDA). Each month, LMDA has a different dramaturg focus on a different type or aspect of dramaturgy. So if you're interested in the evolving understanding of storytelling in mediums like VR, escape rooms, immersive theatre and theme parks, then I would urge you to head on over to their page.

There's also a few upcoming productions I'm working on or have been involved with that you all should see:

-On February 9, the Lower Depth Theatre Ensemble is presenting "The White Album," three one-acts from seminal white playwrights. This is a companion piece to last year's "The Black Album," which did the same for a trio of one-acts by black writers. I have worked extensively with LDTE in the past, most recently on their commissioned work, Safe Harbor, and I'm always interested in what they're doing.

-And coming up in April, Center Theatre Group is remounting Antaeus Theatre's production of Native Son, the Nambi Kelley adaptation of the Richard Wright book which I was lucky enough to dramaturg back in 2017. This will be a part of CTG's Block Party series, featuring notable works from local companies.

theatre dybbuk rehearsal

Rehearsals for Hell Prepared, Theatre Dybbuk

-Finally, I'm currently dramaturging the latest from Theatre Dybbuk, called Hell Prepared. This will go up at the University of Philosophical Thought (an actual place; only in L.A.!) in the spring. This is an adaptation of a17th century dramatic poem written by the rabbi, poet, and Kabbalist Moses ben Mordecai Zacuto exploring a journey into hell from a Jewish perspective. It should be a hoot!

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