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Play openings & VR releases

A few cool things that I've worked on are now reaching the public eye. Check them out if you can:

For the theatre lovers, Theatre Dybbuk's "Lost Tribes" opened last weekend at the Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibit space on Hollywood Blvd and will continue to tour throughout Los Angeles for the next couple of months. It's a new play with lots of original choreography, dance and live music. Here's the link to all the info.

"Lost Tribes" is my sixth collaboration with Theatre Dybbuk as dramaturg and one of the most rewarding; a culmination of more than a year of work. We took the story of the lost tribes of Israel and used it as a jumping-off point to discuss questions of integration, appropriation, and belonging; questions that are especially pertinent right now.

"First Person" 360° series

Also, the episodic VR series that I helped write and produce, "First Person", has also been released. This is one of the first projects VR Playhouse ever worked on - the story of a man reentering the dating scene after a divorce, and a labor of love that taught us a ton about storytelling and intimacy in the virtual space. Check out the first episode here

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