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"Native Son" has opened

Nambi Kelley's theatrical adaptation of Richard Wright's novel Native Son, which I had the pleasure of dramaturging for Antaeus Theatre Company, has opened!

The play is set in Chicago in 1939 so I spent a great deal of time researching that time and place. If you go see the show, you can read my program note about the city and its effect both within the story and on the people who created it. More importantly, you can see that effect in action as part of the great work of this cast and crew.

Native Son adaptation by Nambi Kelley

It runs until June 3. Tickets and info is here. Check out a great review here

I'm right in the middle of rehearsals for two more shows that I'm dramaturging and that everyone should keep an eye on:

Rogue Artists Ensemble is bringing back Wood Boy Dog Fish, the adaptation of Pinocchio that we first premiered in 2015. One of my all-time favorites, it's got puppets and music and all kinds of dark and wild theatricality for you to enjoy. This opens May 18 at the Garry Marshall Theater in Burbank.

And I'm working with The Theatre at Boston Court on their west coast premiere of Her Portmanteau by Mfoniso Udofia. This is part of Mfoniso's nine-part play cycle detailing the stories of several generations of a Nigerian family. You can read more about her work here.

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