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"Wood Boy Dog Fish" opens this weekend

Wood Boy Dog Fish opens tomorrow! I’ve had the pleasure of working on this show in its various stages and iterations as a dramaturg for the last three years, from early readings to its first production at the Bootleg Theatre in 2015 and now to its current run at the Garry Marshall. This is absolutely one of my all-time favorites to have helped develop; a very challenging piece in that we were weaving together a lot of influences but one that’s been very rewarding.

Wood Boy Dog Fish at the Garry Marshall

Wood Boy Dog Fish is an adaptation of Pinocchio and it takes its cues not only from the Disney version but also the original story, published in serialized form in Italy in the 19th century. That version was quite a bit darker and this one gets dark too. But it’s also funny and soulful and moving and unbelievably wild and inventive in its staging and theatricality and I think the script, written by Chelsea Sutton, finds some new and really interesting themes in the story. It’s produced by Rogue Artists Ensemble, directed by Sean Cawelti. Go see it! And come early! They’ve set up this amazing carnival-like pre-show experience and there’s Bob’s Big Boy directly across the street. Much to do!

Click here for tickets and more info.

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